New Statement from Sweden (Translated to English)

The process of gaining approval from the Administrative Services Agency was anything but a minor formality. The first application was sent to the Administrative Services Agency in 2010.  Three applications and one year later, it was accepted.

In our correspondence with the Administrative Services Agency during that year, it appeared that they seemed not to understand our vocabulary that we use to describe our practices. For example, instead of writing about worship, we talked about kopyacting. We wrote the members instead of talking about a wider community. It’s all about semantics. In the end we realized that the only way to get past the eye of the needle was to copy their own texts into the application. After all of these difficulties, Ctrl-c + ctrl-v, finally gained formal recognition.

Our Nova Doctrine to the New Time 2.0 is based on a few basic axioms, which in turn can be traced back to our strong defense of the informational value, the value that all information possesses, in itself regardless of the specific properties of the information. Since information and information value is so sacred to us, Kopimists recognize these few basic axioms:

– Copying of information is ethically right.

– Dissemination of information is ethically right.

– Copymixing is a sacred kind of copying, moreso than the perfect, digital copying, because it expands and enhances the existing wealth of information

– Copying or remixing information communicated by another person is seen as an act of respect and a strong expression of acceptance and Kopimistic faith.

The right to copy is harmonized with natural law, and therefore copying is an essential part of life. The dogmatic copyright doctrine is in conflict with human behavior. Their domination is based on censorship and regulation of knowledge flow, and the imposition of their faith on us, a la Franco.

That the authoritarian copyright doctrine is elevated to a state religion goes against the 1700-century Enlightenment ideals we hold so dear to our hearts. Justice departements have at times sent out small brochures to schools teaching that knowledge is created out of nothing. The least we can ask is that the state remain secular and let each individual decide what is morally right.

Our Nova Doctrine questions “the God-given order” with respect to the perception of knowledge and information. Kopimism teaches that it is morally right to copy and disseminate information. To create is to copy. Copying is creating.

Copyright extremists of knowledge are seen clearly in the discussion of plagiarism in universities. We try to indoctrinate students with the notion that they should come up with something entire novel, though in reality is it only possible to refine existing information. Authorship is one long process of remix and copying.

When millions of people sit on their couches to watch the latest X Country’s Idol or X Country’s Got Talent, it simply consist of copies of the previous sets we’ll see. Copies surround us everywhere and we must end the illusion that something new is created from nothing. What then is unique?

There are voices from Christian quarters that Kopimism is not a true religion. The criticism is that The Church of Kopimism only mimicked the correct language to get the approval of the Administrative Services Agency; that we are only a rip-off.

We see Christianity as a wonderful example of what we want to preserve. There is probably no concept of Christianity itself that has was created from scratch. Everything is a re-interpretation or variation on previously-existing streams of thought.  Christianity is an excellent example of remix culture!

It is not only Christianity that remixes, but in all likelihood also Islam and Judaism. Everything in life consists of copies and refinements. We are therefore attempting to live in coexistence with other copies.

The best-known information carrier, the book, was created as part of religious activities. It was in the Church that books were copied by monks. Even then, they understood the importance of disseminating information – of copying. In modern times, the Christian monks had other duties and have thus lost the important social role they once had.

The social work of the missionary Church of Kopimism is very important. It is a vanguard of creating copies of knowledge and culture to other fellows, taking up where the Christian monks stopped. We want to live in a world where all people have access to all information, no one is kept out or back. To become a legitimate religious community in Sweden, we believe that we need to get government grants and obtain a permit to perform marriages.

It is with the Ministry of Health that we may apply for grants as a faith. We have begun to look at the eligibility requirements and procedures for procuring state funds. In the future, we will prepare an application and, we hope, obtain approval. Because we have already been identified by some as controversial, we assume that we will encounter resistance. In the end, it is government that makes decisions about which religious groups to whom the public money.

Administrative Services Agency is the proponents of marriage law. An important and entirely legitimate demands, is that you must have been operating for some time. Kopimistsamfundet was formed in 2010 and has had continuous operation since its formation. If this would not be “business for more” we are extremely surprised.

Like so many other believers, we wish to conduct operations as a legitimate organization and believe in religious freedom wings. Therefore, we strive to become a legitimate religious community in the hope of the modern Inquisition against us Kopimists and believers must cease. Inquisitors want to make an example of us, like what happened when the Catholic Church put heretics in the block in the square. We may not share their faith and beliefs, but we are sure that we must coexist regardless.

The belief about the spirituality and the right of all people to the copy and sharing of all knowledge and information is here to stay. Religion should not be viewed as a steadfast and static. It is changing and constantly adapted to the prevailing social values.

Copy and seed.


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