Chief of EU Resigns over ACTA

An excellent comment (from Hadzy01) from the Guardian, regarding their coverage of Twitter censorship, but complete avoidance of the ACTA bill.

You know, Guardian… I find it amusing how you report on this, but not on ACTA, despite the EU signing it yesterday.
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You report on this, but you don’t report on the fact that the EU signed this treaty, despite both lawyers and the Foundation for Free Information pointing out that ACTA in its current FINAL form violates EU treaties, human rights, and criminalises damn near anyone with a computer.

And despite the fact that the Chief of the EU resigned in disgust over how the issue has been handled by the EU.

Or the fact that there were protests throughout Poland to protest just how wrong ACTA in its current form is.

Or the fact that by 10pm yesterday, across all the major ANTI-ACTA petitions, near 500,000 people had signed up to say NO.

You report on this, but you don’t report on the fact that the Irish were planning to instate a “SOPA” on their people without even going through parliament.

I’ll leave people to Google the last two. You know, let them enjoy freedom of information and expression before it’s stripped away from them without their knowledge.

And you’re not the only major publication in the UK to even do this. As a UK citizen, I am both disgusted and disappointed by your lack of informative information on these subjects in the UK media. You’re leading your readers wilfully blind, and honestly? It’s a damn shame.

Twitter doing this to people who rely on them is a disappointment especially considering how important it and other similar services were when overthrowing dictatorships. The Guardian refusing to report on ACTA and related, wide-affecting “agreements”, though, is just as bad. I have never been so disappointed with this publication.


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