Henrik Ponten… Delusional ****.

Sweden’s second largest torrent site has shut down its operations with immediate effect following threats from Antipiratbyrån. In closing, the site – which appeared in Google’s 2010 Zeitgeist report – bemoaned the “fascist tendencies” of the entertainment industries. Meanwhile, Sweden’s Pirate Party is celebrating the influx of hundreds of new members as a direct result of the closure.

On February 1st, Sweden’s Supreme Court announced that it would not be granting leave to appeal in the long-running Pirate Bay case. This means that the prison sentences and millions of dollars in fines previously handed out to the four defendants will stand.

Quickly, prominent copyright enforcers for the entertainment industries – Hollywood lawyer Monique Wadsted and Antipiratbyrån lawyer Henrik Pontén – announced that the decision would signal a new crackdown on file-sharing sites in Sweden.

Although there was no immediate news of site closures, now there is a significant development. Tankafetast, Sweden’s second largest torrent site behind The Pirate Bay, has announced that it has ceased its operations with immediate effect.

“After many ifs and buts, we have decided to close down TankaFetast,” the site’s operators said in a statement.

Rest of Story here > http://torrentfreak.com/swedish-piracy-crackdown-2-torrent-site-calls-it-quits-120223/

It’s not the first time this **** has flapped his gums and spouted insanity. Just a couple of years ago, regarding the raid on the Sunnydale server in Sweden…. Ponten spewed the following words “The well-organized pirates on the scene seem to have an inflated sense of their own ability to conceal themselves, but this raid shows that we can get to them,” said Anti-Piracy Agency lawyer Henrik Pontén in a statement. “Copyright applies to the internet too and we will continue to prioritize efforts to counteract these well-organized groups.”

Anti-piracy lawyer Henrik Pontén even made the very lofty claim that the Sunnydale file-sharing ring was the source of all illegal content on The Pirate Bay. I don’t know whether people should laugh or simply feel embarrassed for him.


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