They kill trackers, we respond with…text files! LOL

…A database of 17,000,000 Bitsnoop torrents from 08/02/20012 and just under 2,000,000 from ThePirateBay. These text files are dumps of magnet links from aforementioned sites/trackers.

You can use magnet links direct in many torrent clients. This method will work regardless of what happens to PirateBay or Bitsnoop. This method is being used to create enormous text files/databases which will serve as a backup to date, regardless of what happens to the trackers/sites.

MarcusOrlyius from reddit created complete list of BitSnoop’s torrents from the 8th February 2012. The list has been split up by category into seperate files, the URLs removed to save space and then 7zipped.

There are 34 lists, one for each category and each entry in the list contains the info hash and the title of the torrent. If you want more details about the torrent, just go to BitSnoop and do a search for the info hash. Alternatively, you can go to the torrent page directly with the following URL:

And if you don’t like BitSnoop, you can just google the info hash and find loads of sites with that specific torrent.

He’ll be updating the list on a weekly or monthly basis at /r/BSLists.

(NOTE: I did not create this torrent!)

17,000,000 Bitsnoop torrents here >


Somewhere on TorrentFreak, I found out a simple comment, that with the magnet links, the whole Pirate Bay fits on USB stick. So, I thought, why not test it out?

So, I went trough all the Pirate Bay torrents and downloaded as little necessary information as possible for the dump to be somehow useful.

And wow, ALL the pirate bay magnets are just 164 MB unzipped, 90 MB zipped. That is really, really small!

The format is simple. An example:

7015954|Ubuntu 11.10 Alternate 64-bit|707047424|2|5|5316391aed813d4283178dce2b95c8ad56c5be72

7015954 is the piratebay ID of the torrent
Ubuntu 11.10 Alternate 64-bit is the name (there CAN be “|” in the name)
707047424 is the size in bytes
2 is the number of seeders at the time of the snapshot
5 is the number of leechers
5316391aed813d4283178dce2b95c8ad56c5be72 is the magnet link hash

If you want the magnet link correctly, you have to write

I did NOT download comments and/or descriptions, since that would be too big and I didn’t want it to be as complete as possible, but as small as possible.

The only thing that’s strange is that I found out only about 1.5 millions of torrents, while there is something about 4 millions of torrents in TPB footer. However, I think I am correct and TPB footer is not 😉

Enjoy. ” Posted by Allisfine 2012-02-08 03:48:18 GMT

ThePirateBay Torrent database here >



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