Join the UK Church

If you are thinking of joining the church, you should read our values statement under the “about” section, as well as the first half of the Constitution in whatever language you prefer.  Translations in other languages will be posted on their respective countries’ websites, listed in the right-hand column.  If you agree with the mission of the church and the values we hold sacred, you can immediately start calling yourself a Kopimist!  If you would like to formalize your membership with the church, first you should copy one of the Kopimipyramid  images from and then register with the us using the form below.

Copy What Thou Wilt.

  1. Finally, a religion I can agree with. Love it.

  2. Welcome Kat. I will be in touch shortly.

    Thank you for your kind words.


  3. I will be creating one with the union jack being as I am English 🙂 it will be done just as soon as I have sorted out some copying 🙂

  4. Great Stuff 🙂

    Never thought I would be a religious person..

    You have converted me!

    • Glad to hear it Simon.

      There is little formality here – more an alignment of ideas and philosophy. If you read the constitution and feel the way we do, then you can rightly call yourself a Kopimist, and a member of the UK Church. Voluntary involvement is encouraged. Spread the Word.


  5. How come a reverend from the Vatican Church could be a memeber of that Virtual Church ?

  6. I am in broad agreement with your philosophy and wish the proliferation of the church and the copying and dissemination of its message godspeed. I have copied the basic image and I will alter it and send it to someone else with a link to your site.

  7. Fantastic Idea. Finally a religion I can take seriously!

  8. I never thought I would have a religion!

  9. “There is only one true good; knowledge, and only one true evil; ignorance” – Socrates
    Count me in

  10. At last a church based on fact rather than fiction

  11. So if I were to follow the values of this church and copy some information and files into my college coursework I could not get into trouble under the religeous discrimination policy? Just a question of course. 😀

    • It could set a precedent 🙂

      Thanks for visiting. Things should get a bit more lively around here shortly, hope to see you again.

      Ctrl C ^ Ctrl V

  12. David Hewitson

    Never thought I’d consider myself religious. Count me in!

  13. I love Kopimism.

    I loved all of the constitution until I got to this bit…

    “A. The missionary Church of Kopimism work with children and young people is entrusted to Federation of Young Kopimists (FUK). For FUK case statutes adopted by the parliamentary session on a proposal by FUK’s board after consultation with the Kopimist Council. All work conducted through FUK will adhere to the Missionary Church of Kopimism’s central tenets.

    Is it meant to be funny? Or is it just really unfortunate?

  14. There’s me converted!
    This could be a fun one to explain to my friends! 🙂

  15. All information for all people

  16. definitely in! I will post a version of the image soon 🙂

  17. * All knowledge to all
    * The search for knowledge is sacred
    * The circulation of knowledge is sacred
    * The act of copying is sacred.

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