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I know. Not that I expect many people have noticed, nor care.  However, for anyone who has noticed, or does care, I am here to let you know that I plan on making this place a little more active. 

Over on TF they are reporting on Kim Dotcoms latest pledge to bring Mega back, in a new, infinitely more robust form.  There seems to be a fair bit of hyperbole in there, but it looks promising nonetheless. On the fly encryption for downloads,  and ” …a massive global network. All non-US hosters will be able to connect servers & bandwidth”  Also Tweeting ;

” Developers get ready. The Mega API will provide incredible powers. Our API and your Mega tools will change the world.”

Sounds good, and his support network will be unprecedented, thanks to the USA !  Way to raise his popularity, fucknuts. 🙂